Bodvar Rose Wine Pop up Bar at Cuvee restaurant


House of Roses celebrates exclusive unveiling of  Bodvar Rose Wine Pop up Bar at Cuvee restaurant



Michael Hepworth

By Cheri Fox

The Swedish-born Bodvar Hafstrom part of Gronstedt and Hafstrom family unveiled his family treasure on Thursday February 22, 2018 – Bodvar Rose – The celebration started outdoors on the Cuvee patio under heat lamps guests toasted the celebration with the rose and a sparking wine labeled No.1.

Tasty appetizers were served as Bodvar himself welcomed guest and expressed his joy for the inaugural opening in USA and his plans for future pop ups around the country including Palm Springs, Miami, New York and more dates in Los Angeles ;

Several Hollywood celebrities joined the Bodvar pop up celebration including Wanda Acuna, Maria Darkina, Alice Hunter, and many more ;

Bodvar made a heart warming speech about how he takes  personal honor in directing the winemaking process and creative vision to develop a rose that features a delicate and elegant taste of Bodvar – House of Roses ; Guests acknowledged Bodvar is often referred to as the King of Rose wine .