Beekeeper’s Naturals Super Food From The Hive antibacterial anti viral anti fungal and Anti-inflammatory



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West Hollywood EARTH BAR(Perfect Meal Today) 11/30/19/–I am Caroline with Beekeeper’s Naturals today I will be talking to you about our full line of 5 super foods, They are antibacterial ,antiviral ,anti fungal and Anti-inflammatory for cold and flu,  Propolis is what the bees line their hive with to keep a germ free inside the hive.  the bees also pollinate trees and that’s where they get the sutrians for the throats that can also be used topically we have RV lix  Royal jelly that works as the blood brain barrier to let the ginko to enter the brain quickly it is a focus or a memory function or and a concentrator pollen is a naturally source and 3rd party tested so it’s a great dietary supplement

Meet nature’s defender running out of sick days get fortified with hive support our sweet tasting PROPOLIS throat spray is a must have for anyone who travels often on trains scratchy throat or if your  looking for an extra line of a immune defense known as the predictor of the beehives PROPOLIS is naturally rich in antibiotics and powerful germ crushing compounds are PROPLIS throat spray is a highly protective extract so you can enjoy the full soothing power of the hype with just a few spritz is think of it as your body guard in a bottle naturally sourced OBSESSIVELY tested

Carly Stein, Founder of Beekeeper’s Naturals


“I’ve always liked natural things—like hiking and getting lost in nature. And I like my foods and health remedies without chemicals. But when it came to finding sustainable natural wellness products that actually worked, my searches came up empty. That’s why I founded Beekeeper’s Naturals.

At BKN we love science—we use science to formulate and test our products obsessively. But, as diehard “beegans”, we also know that bees are the real superstars. That’s why we are dedicated to sharing the most sustainable, nourishing, and high quality wellness products with you—obsessively tested, straight from the hive.”



Bee keepers natural their hives are in Canada Ontario and in South America there honey is not raw it is a blend of all 3 of their products, bee pollen there honey and Propolis are blended together making a very sweet super honey with a nice granulated taste.

Text PROPOLIS 310 773 5444 to gain access to the wellness tips and tricks plus a sweet deal on your next order Beekeeper’s Natural inc.
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