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Sustainability is about balancing the earth’s supply of resources with the demands of the population, making sure we don’t take more than the environment can offer. By eating responsibly we can fulfill our need for healthy seafood by fishing and farming without being wasteful or destructive to communities, fish populations, and ecosystems.


SlapFish Lobster Roll
SlapFish Lobster Roll


By  Kay Schroeder

Newport Beach,CA(Perfect Meal)2/3/15/– TodayThe doors were opened wide Thursday January 29 at 5:30 p.m. for the Newport Beach VIP Preview of Slapfish’s newest restaurant at 2727 Newport Boulevard, Newport Beach, CA (at the corner of Newport Boulevard and 28th Street), 949-723-0034.

SlapFish Shower of Fries
SlapFish Shower of Fries


Access to this casual style restaurant was easy and even with the large turnout of media/food review guests, there was plenty of parking. This is definitely a plus considering the limited parking usually allotted in busy beach areas. Well-designed signage placed above the doors allowed guests to immediately see the large red and white logo with the restaurant name.

SlapFish Top:  Fish and Chips Left:  Shower of Fries Right:  Tuna Tostado
SlapFish Top: Fish and Chips
Left: Shower of Fries
Right: Tuna Tostado

Upon entering the building, the first things to catch my eye were the clean, crisp lines carried out in the pristine white subway tile back splashes and walls, earth-toned stained concrete floors, built in stainless steel beverage cooler, and wooden counters with gleaming stainless steel counter tops. The air in the restaurant was fresh and clean. Enhancing the nautical theme on the walls were a mounted fish, an anchor and other fishing implements. Suspended red light fixtures used onboard ships in days-gone-by provided lighting with a fun twist.


SlapFish Salad of Cucumbers
SlapFish Salad of Cucumbers

An abundance of sauces were neatly displayed on a stainless steel cart. Not only were the traditional hot sauces like Tabasco, Tapatio, Sriracha, and Cholula included, Slapfish offered two of their own creations: Garlic Serrano Hot Sauce and Red Habanero Hot Sauce. (The Habanero was indeed red hot however the flavor of the sauce still came through. How that was accomplished is probably a well-guarded secret.) Other condiments offered were Heinz Malt Vinegar, Del Destino Sea Salt, Old Bay Seasoning, and the ever ubiquitous, and all-time favorite – ketchup.

SlapFish Hand-Cut Chip
SlapFish Hand-Cut Chip
Slapfish Garlic Serrano Hot Sauce
Slapfish Garlic Serrano Hot Sauce

Perhaps the cart favored most, by the younger set at least, was the beverage cart. Drinks offered were root beer, ginger beer, Pellegrino, iced tea, organic apple juice, fresh made peach lemonade, and water, all with unlimited free refills. Also available was Gluten Free Batch Craft Soda.

The restaurant staff expects to receive their beer and wine license in a few weeks and will be offering a variety of domestic and foreign beers and wines.

Slapfish Restaurant Entrance
Slapfish Restaurant Entrance

This restaurant takes the environment and the sustainability of seafood seriously. When I asked what sustainability meant to their company my young server was very quick to tell me in detail what Slapfish believes -“Sustainability in Practice.” In fishing they use individual hooks on single lines, no nets. They are vigilant about verifying that their sources use no antibiotics or other chemicals. They systematically test the waters where their wild fish and farmed fish are raised. They use fishing practices to ensure that no other fish or sea life is caught in their harvest. See (at the bottom of this article) their commitment statement on sustainability practices.

The music in the restaurant was at a lively tempo with an elevated volume that still allowed guests to enjoy conversation and mingle with the many other guests.

As quickly as each guest was seated, the parade of foods started. First delivered to the table was the Lobster Toast. This delicacy consisted of a light, crunchy toast cube piled high with lobster salad, crumbled bacon and scallions sprinkled on top with a drizzling of delicate sauce.

Photography: Kay Schroeder

Other foods that followed were:

. The Lobster Roll was served on a roll reminiscent of Brioche filled with seasoned lobster and sauce. Hand-cut potato chips were the delicious accompaniment.


. Tuna Tostado. Atop the tortilla was finely shredded cabbage, sliced cucumber, cilantro and sauce.


. The Shower of Fries was napped with cream sauce, bacon bits, finely diced green onions and a wedge of fresh lemon.


Fish and Chips: The food designers and cooks sure got this one right. The thin batter used provided a crisp shell with just the right amount of crunch for the moist white fish inside. Tartar sauce and a slice of fresh lemon were the garnishes.

. Larger Lobster Sandwich was served on a roll with their signature hand-cut fries.


With all of the wonderful, fresh flavors experienced in all of the foods above, it really was difficult to pick a favorite. I listened to others as they picked their favorites. However, perhaps because of my penchant for shrimp, I will have to say that my personal favorite was:

. The Shrimp Taco: Fresh, succulent pink shrimp were nestled on top of a corn tortilla, sprinkled with lettuce/cabbage, cilantro and sauce. (My added ingredient was several dashes of Slapfish’s Red Habanero Hot Sauce).

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Appetizers from $3.50 to $7.50

Daily Fish $12.

Other Items: $6 to $15

Salads, Veggies, Chips, Dips $3 to $5




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