Michelin star Chef Sho debuts at The Federal bar restaurant North Hollywood


Michael Hepworth


Michelin star Chef Sho debuts at The Federal bar restaurant  North Hollywood


By Cheri Fox

North Hollywood (Perfect Meal Today) 10/11/17/–On Friday September 15th, Michelin star Chef Sho, made his debut as head chef at The Federal bar restaurant in North Hollywood; The new menu he created for this special pop up menu was adventurous and enticed the refined taste buds; The seven course menu was  presented very nicely and it was such a surprise to have deliciously prepared seven course meal presented in this old west type bar tavern restaurant;


In the back of the bar tavern a few ten seated rounds were filled with foodie aficionados from all over Los Angeles
and Valley area that expressed their joy tasting the new pop up menu by Michelin Chef Sho ;


The 1st Course Oysters, Prosecco & Fennel ; oysters were deliciously seasoned with fennel and some tanginess taste from the Prosecco Italian sparkling white wine; then the chefs Tomato Tea was served followed by

2nd Course Pasta Infused with Sweet Peas with Pan Seared Scallops – tomatoes squid ink beurre blanc Arugula & Tarragon Salad- this second course was prepared aldente pasta and the addition of sweet peas added an English twist to this classic Italian dish and the pan seared scallop -seasoned with bleur blac were the best dish of the night ; since I am a pescatarian; the chef graciously served a few extra scallops to keep my taste “palate” satiated until the 6th course of salmon ;“palate” 

3rd Course Braised Lamb Shank Toast – Mediterranean spiced lamb shank with sourdough, carrots and chives; my photographer enjoyed this course ;

4th Course Scorched Earth (“palate” Cleanser) – scotch, sweet vermouth, basil, orange bit

5th Course Kombu Wrapped Chicken Breast – over black lentils and harissa jus

6th Course Pan Seared Salmon – over preserved herb rice, tomatoes, asparagus tips, curry beurre blanc

7th Course Chocolate Samosas – white and strawberry, dark chocolate and blackberry

 Dessert was a twist on Indian Samosas stuffed with chocolate and topped with crème fresh and slices of fruit. 

All and all the diner was delicious the courses that I did eat, 1st oysters, 2nd scallops and 6th salmon and my colleagues enjoyed the meat dishes including 3rd course lamb shank and 5th course chicken breast ;

The overall service and vibe in the Federal bar/tavern is very upbeat and sort of set like an old western bar type feel , I was surprised the staff asked the guests to reuse their forks for the next courses , with 7 courses and a couple 10 or 12 seated tables full of diners for the pop up diner- it still was odd, the fancy food didn’t quite match the décor or the utensils.

The Michelin star Chef Sho certainly fancied up the bar/ restaurant it is definitely a place to try the food when your in NOHO, North Hollywood, for those who have no idea why they call it that ; it was a rare appearance I made way over there in the valley  🙂 overall a good dining experience ;