Grand Opening The Backyard at Chez Jay in Santa Monica



Michael Hepworth


Grand Opening The Backyard at Chez Jay in Santa Monica 

by Cheri Fox 

Santa Monica (Perfect Meal Today) 9/15/19–The Backyard at Chez Jay, located in the heart of Santa Monica on Ocean Avenue, Grand opening of the backyard patio August 14, 2019, after 60 years as landmark restaurant. Chez Jay iowned by Michael Anderson and now operated by his son General Manager Chris Anderson. Shortly after Chez Jay was named a Historical Landmark in 2012, The Backyard began as a vision that Michael Anderson had where he wanted to create a special experience for his longtime following of extremely loyal clientele so they could enjoy outdoor dining right by the Santa Monica ocean under the stars. 


Media were invited to relax and enjoy The Backyard and sample some of their popular dishes. Shrimp Ceviche, tasty and light flavorful. Kimchi guacamole a twist of the original with tangy Kimichi, and hand muddled cucumber margaritas to order made to perfection. Dessert was inspired by Chez Jay Chef Juan De Arcos is known as “Chef Tony,” is Chef Memo’s Fried Oreos  – the ultimate comfort food menu. 

The Backyard was designed by Chris Anderson and Nataly Lopez with the concept to create a comfortable and welcoming gathering space for family, friends and longtime guests of Chez Jay. The space features picnic tables, couches, Adirondack chairs, fire pit, wine barrels, hanging vintage lanterns and string lights, large off-white canopy, and bright blue fence that backs up to Santa Monica’s Tongva Park.


Chef Guillermo De Arcos G, known as “Chef Memo,” is the special secret ingredient at The Backyard at Chez Jay. Having been in the kitchen at Chez Jay for over 27 years, he now has his son Guillermo De Arcos Jr. cooking by his side, making this a true family affair as he introduces the new Good Eats menu at The Backyard at Chez Jay. The Starters kick off the party with the Peppercorn Maple BaconGrilled Street CornTruffle FriesKimchi GuacamoleShrimp Ceviche Bites.