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West Hollywood (Perfect Meal Today) 11/11/19/–Mandarette Chinese Restaurant is a well-known fixture in the Beverly Blvd area of West Hollywood and they are now celebrating 35 years in business. Owner Ken Yang knows exactly what the customers want and with a take out trade that is even bigger than his sit down business with the repeat orders being the key to their continued longevity. In fact they can stick around as long as they want to, the only issue being if the landlord who owns the whole block jacks up the rent too much.




Mandarette is not a fancy restaurant and it is quite small but in a pretty convenient location for parking. Owner is Ken Yang and his culinary career started out in Taipei as a teenager working with his father. In 1984 when Mandarette opened his father helped create the menu and then bought the place in 1990.

They have added four new dishes for the Autumn season. The Three Cup Chicken, Beef or Squid comprises three main ingredients; sesame oil, soy sauce and rice wine. The main dish is then cooked in the sauce until tender before the sauce is reduced to a glaze that completely coats it.


My guest that night opted for another new item, the Sichuan Poached Fish Filet which is cooked with numbing pepper, chilly pod, vegetable oil, minced garlic and other spices. The fish was extremely tender but the broth was pretty spicy but certainly an excitement for the taste buds. A very generous size as well.

Aeromatic Fiery Shrimps is also new for the season, but after much thought I went for the Strawberry Shrimp on the advice of the manager Davy and it turned out to be a delight with the crispy shrimp in a sweet and spicy sauce. Another special that I will try next time will be the lobster tail drenched in garlic sauce on a bed of noodles, and by all accounts a bit of a feast. Also to be checked out next time will be the Braised Beef Noodle Soup that Mandarette has recently added. This Chinese staple features slow cooked beef in a rich broth topped with fresh spinach and scallions.

I forgot to mention the appetizer of choice which were the Crab Spring Rolls, a perfect version of this classic dish as was the Hot & Sour Soup. The restaurant also has a Gluten free night once a month, so if you are Into that sort of thing then check with Mandarette for the dates.

Dessert choices are limited but try the Chocolate Wontons, a perfect way to end a meal at Mandarette. The prices by the way are extremely reasonable for the quality of food with one example being the aforementioned Strawberry Shrimp which go for $11.95 or $16.95 for the larger version.



Mandarette-8386 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048


Free delivery within I mile-minimum order $25

Open 7 days from 11 am-10.30 Mon-Thursday

11 am-11.30 pm Friday

Noon-11.30 pm   Saturday

Noon-10 pm   Sunday

Food Photography: Tom Wright